As the privileged partner of innovative wine-growers, we produce a wide range of vine plants to suit all climates and terroirs throughout the world. Our entire production originates from the finest genetic selection, tailored to meet strict oenological requirements. Thanks to the commitment of our enthusiastic and highly experienced teams, we can guarantee the durability, the traceability and also the reliability of the grapevine rootstocks supplied to all our clients.

Family History

After battling to reconstruct the French vineyards destroyed by the wine blight (phylloxera aphid) right through to the latest genetic selection techniques, the Guillaume family have always been wholly dedicated to grapevine growing. 

The Guillaume family has been grafting vines in Charcenne, France, since 1895. Our knowledge and experience has been passed on from generation to generation enabling our company to evolve and develop constantly. Today we endeavour to move forward and our success combined with efficiency has earned us ongoing recognition in the international grapevine industry.

The origin of the French nursery dates back to a time when the Franche-Comté region had to restore its vineyard after the Phylloxera epidemic. At the time, Albert Guillaume started grafting vines and set up a nursery selling plants in several wine-producing areas of France. 

At the end of the development of hybrids in 1954, Henri Guillaume assumed control of the business and had an active part in the reconstruction of the Bourgogne and Champagne Vineyards. 

And since 1983, his son Pierre-Marie Guillaume  has continued to expand and develop the company, which has steadily grown on an international scale, focusing on research and genetic selection.

Today the Pepinieres Guillaume is ranked as one of the world’s finest vine growers. Our company seeks to develop its activities by means of two key values : QUALITY and INNOVATION.

Highy skilled research and genetic selection enables us to offer our viticultural customers the world over a wide range of plants of distinction which answer to all their requirements.

Values that have guided us for over 120 years

For over 120 years the fundamental values that have guided the Pepinieres Guillaume are : 

  • A foundation of mutual hard work 
  • Dedication to customer satisfaction
  • Expertise and innovation
  • Transmitting and maintaining family skills 

Genetic Selection

A wine growing business of distinction and quality is founded on genetic selection. Indeed, premium wines are created first of all in the vineyard ; the quality of the vines and the choice of selections are therefore the key factors to success.

The Pepinieres Gauillaume were amongst the first business partners to propose French clone selection and are still endeavouring to improve the genetic selection of numerous grape varieties.

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Our production in France

Between 12 to 15 million vine plants are grafted each year. We choose the location for the production of our grapevine plant material with great care so that the quality of the wood is approved by our services.

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The international reputation of the Pepinieres Guillaume

Since 1983, Pierre-Marie Guillaume heads the international development of our nurseries.

Grafted vine plants are dispatched all over the world from sister nurseries  based in California, Chile and Argentina. 

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Since 1895, The Pepinieres Guillaume is a family affair ; dedicated men and women who love their work and profession. All our engineers and technicians have the knowledge and the experience to answer all your enquiries, even the most exacting ones ! 

Supporting Team : Murielle, Stéphanie, Thomas, Martine, Sandrine, Christophe, Pierre-Marie, Francis, Brigitte, Serge, Laura, Nicolas...

Technical Sales Managers : Manon, Charles, Vincent, François, Francesco, Giovanni, Nicolas, Thierry,… 

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